Why People Use Fake Doctor’s Notes

There are a lot of people who resort to using fake doctor’s notes whenever they need a few days off from work. The main reason for this is because fake doctor’s notes are readily available on the internet nowadays. In fact, fake doctor’s notes have become one of the most used online services in recent years. Why? It’s pretty simple really. Online doctor’s notes appear just like the real thing and can be submitted by employees at their workplace whenever they want to miss a few days of work, no questions asked.

You must see that the main reason fake doctor’s notes are gaining popularity among the masses is because they appear authentic and can easily pass off as the real thing. That is why it is important for you to be careful when it comes to choosing a website to download notes. The first few pages of Google results usually are great for finding a good site. It’s recommended that you compare a fake doctor’s note with an authentic one just to ensure that it looks real.

Fake doctor’s notes are usually blank. You will only be able to download a template from the internet. You’ll have to fill out all the information yourself. That is why you should refer to an authentic doctor’s note just so that you can ensure you haven’t missed anything.

On comparison, you will find that there are four main components to a doctor’s note. If you can ensure your doctors note includes all these things, the chances of you getting caught are close to zero. Here they are:
1. The first and most important thing which you need to mention on your note is the name of the doctor who supposedly examined you along with his or her contact details. You can choose to use the details of a real doctor here or just make up someone. Your employer may choose to call up the doctor and confirm your illness so it’s best for you to plan for this in advance.
2. The next piece of information which someone will look for on a doctor’s note is the name of the patient, that’s you. Ensure you write your full name along with your contact details and other personal information like age, sex, etc.
3. The third thing you have to include in your doctor’s note is the details of the consultation you had with your doctor. This should include details of your illness as well as medical advice for curing this illness. All other information like a recommended resting period, etc. should be mentioned here as well.
4. Lastly, you will need to write down the date on which this faux consultation took place. You could say that this is the most important piece of information on a doctor’s note after the doctor’s contact details. After all, if the date wasn’t mentioned, you could just use the same note over and over again couldn’t you?

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